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    Migrating to JBoss 4.2.2.GA

    Hakan Jacobsson Newbie


      Before migrating we had a lot of

      WARN [TxConnectionManager] Prepare called on a local tx. Use of local transactions on
      a jta transaction with more than one branch may result in inconsistent data in some cases of failure

      in our jboss log files.

      Since we migrated it seems this warning instead generates an error.
      I've also seen in other discussions that this warning now (in JBoss 4.2) generates errors.

      I'm not really sure why we're getting the WARN/error in the first place.

      An example of when the WARN/error is thrown:
      A stateless EJB 3 session bean, where I use two other stateless beans to retrieve data from db. I try to retrieve the data from both stateless beans in the same method. And, voila, I get an error in JBoss 4.2 when retrieving data from the second stateless bean. I remember that the above mentioned WARN was generated when the method was done when we used an earlier version of JBoss.

      Anyone has an idea what I should do to correct this?

      /Best regards, Håkan Jacobsson - System developer in Sweden