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    Parallel processing in a JBoss app?

    Keith Page Newbie

      Hi there,

      Sorry if this is covered elsewhere (my Google skills are weak), and for not using ten-gallon words like 'application resource' and 'management interface' (I'm really a moron, y'see).

      I'm trying to launch an independant thread to do some work from inside an application servlet. In specific, I need to send emails to peopleafter they perform certain actions, but the priority of the email work is less than the priority of actually showing users stuff on my webpage. So, threading.

      This thread here:
      details someone else's take on the same question, and of the stern warnings the JBoss over-people made about the methods being used therein, and of the legal wrangling behind a certain JSR proposal, etc. etc.

      My two questions:
      1. The last post from this thread was in June of '07. I'm using JBoss 4.2.2 GA 'out of the box'. Has something changed here since then?
      2. Am I completely barking up the wrong tree, while there's a simple and elegant solution to managed threaded processes that's dangling just behind my crappy skills at Googling this site?

      Thanks in advance all you experienced JBossers out there!