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    Question from a newbie on this forum...

    Bouzzi Newbie

      HI ! I'm new at this !

      My boss asked me to take a look at our development server...

      It's a SUSE 9 with jboss 403, using jdk1.5.0_06 and it use to work perfectly for about 2 years...

      ... we have three identical server (Developement, Acceptation and Production)

      At the moment, we have problems with our Dev server....

      Usually, to see if jboss works I go in my browser at http://servername:8080

      Jboss is not working at all...

      The only thing I could think of, is to look into the jboss.log file...

      I see alot of instructions but I would like to understand them in order to find what is causing my problem.

      Where can I find a lexicon "how to read Jboss log files"?

      12:58:13,377 INFO [Server] Starting JBoss (MX MicroKernel)
      12:59:54,440 INFO [STDOUT] log4j:ERROR [WebappClassLoader
       delegate: false
      ----------> Parent Classloader:
      ] whereas object of type

      Can somone tell me what are the meaning of each parts of a log line?

      Could you tell me if I'm on the right section a the forum?

      DO you have someone who could read my log file and tell me where is my problem?