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    NotContextException when I deploy ejb3 and ejb2 in the same

    Roberto Morales Newbie

      Hi everybody

      Im getting javax.naming.NotContextException when i deploy ejb3 (Entities and session beans) and ejb2 (entity and session beans) in the same jboss container, everyone in a separated file ejb3.jar and ejb2.jar

      The version of jboss that i'm using is 4.2.1GA

      The error happen only when i try to get a reference of any EJB3 session bean, if the ejb2 jar is undeployed and JBOSS is restarted the aplication can get reference of ejb3 session beans without problems.

      If i deploy the ejb2 in other container installed in a diferent computer, all work fine and point my application to use them.

      that's sound like i can't put ejb2 and ejb3 in the same container.

      somebody can help to understand what is happen?