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    Hi everybody need of big help...

    Omuku John Newbie

      ..Hi am so ashamed am a 100..naa 99% newbie with programming and it's just that i don't know were to begin with jboss cause the company am working with is trying to convince or more like has convinced 2 to 3 banks to move to jboss middleware but they wnat to nknow more about it all i know is that its free and it's an application server if not that's all and all the docs i got from red hat does'nt seem to enter (like hibernate!!or metamatrix i don't seem to get it after reading it..)i was wondering do u guys know were i should start from to be able to undersatnd jboss??i've got about 2 weeks to be able to understant if not my boss is paying two other people to go study jboss with red hat...(sad..)