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    Accessing files outside my ear

    Michael Price Newbie

      I have some large stable files that I am deploying in my ear file and then displaying with something like

      <a href="docs/report.pdf">Yearly Report</a>

      They take a long time to upload to the server so I would like to deploy them separately from my ear file.

      What would be the best way to do this?

      I thought maybe using something like putting them in a separate folder and then using

      but I am developing on Windows XP and deploying on Linux so I think the file URL paths would be of a different form. I want to avoid having to make changes to any files I am deploying everytime I upload them to the server.

      I also thought of putting the files in a war file to access them but I would want the access to that war file to be restricted to localhost only or something like that. I was hoping I could do that in the web.xml file somehow but it doesn't look like I can. I would really like to avoid having to make any changes to any server config files on the hosting server.

      Any thoughts are appreciated? Thanks.