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    Any "Hello World" for JBoss CMP?

    Mc Java Newbie

      Hi everybody. Could anybody suggest the easiest possible "Hello World" example I could use to accomplish my first container-managed persistence using JBoss?

      With your help, I have set up JBoss, and then configured it to work with a MySql db. If I could get ANY simple application to run inside JBoss now, and write out "Hi there!" to the MySql db using the JBoss container, I would be the happiest little developer in the whole wide world.

      I'm running JBoss inside of Eclipse, and I'm a real dummy about all this. So a simple tutorial with all those elements would be best. Ideally, I'm trying to deploy an EJB3 (not 2.1), and then have either a little JSP or Swing client call it.