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    Trying to see a web app on a network-connected jboss server

    Jerry Smetzer Newbie

      I have set up jboss app servers on two, LAN-connected, windows XP pro pcs. I have also developed a simple web app for testing purposes, and deployed it to the jboss servers on both machines. I can view the app via localhost URL on each machine separately, but when I sit at one machine and try to view the app on the other machine using its computer name or IP address (with or without the :8080 port) I get an "unable to connect" error in Firefox. The jboss directory structure is the same on both machines, and file sharing is enabled across the network. There has to be a simple solution to this problem, but I can't see it.

      The hardware geeks tell me there is no network security issue, and this test works when using two tomcat servers. Can anybody out there help?

      Thanks. jsmetz - webapp newbie developer