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    Windows vs Linux

    egbert huijing Newbie

      Hi everybody, At the moment we are building a new J2EE Webapplication that we deploy in a JBOSS application server. Till now we have a Cobol application om various platforms, Windows, Linux. HP-UX and AIX.
      In the future we like to use only one platform, also for very large accounts.
      Now we have a question. How does an installation on a Windows platform compare to an installation on a Linux platform?
      The same machines, performance , max concurrent connections.
      When we have a cluster of JBOSS application servers. Does the number of servers on WINDOWS differ from the number on Linux?


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          Peter Johnson Master

          We have done a lot of testing of a JBossAS-based Java EE environment using both Linux (RHEL, SUSE) and Windows (Server 2000, Server 2003) on the exact same hardware (4 to 32 cores) and have found the performance to be roughly equal.

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            asaf sh Expert


            Same goes here, I was checking Jboss in Win/Linux(many different kind of distributions) and the results were pretty equal,

            I still would suggest to go for Linux,
            Mainly because it's easier to start it as a service rather than installing Native pkg/using external service loaders...