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    JBoss and i5


      Hello everyone I'm new in the jboss world and having trouble getting iseries and jboss to work toghether.
      Our jboss will attend all of our web,mobile,ui client apps they will be transmited to our i5(as400) where they will be procesed by a RPG app, now we have analize 2 methods of getting the data into the i5 one would be thru sockets and the other would be using i5 dataqueues, now socket would implicate using (developing) another process in between so that we wouldn't get into RPG sockets (probably C) and the advantage of dataqueues is that we would write directly to the dataq from our jboss, I've gone as far as writing and reading to the dataq thru jboss but I have to stablish a jdbc conection to the i5 how do I make this jdbc conection always available so when I jboss receives the data i just writes to the dataq and doesn't have to stablish the jdbc conection on demand (would like persistent conection) and what can I do to have a class reading the dataq all the time (thread) for the data that the i5 responds.

      I do have a persistence class to my i5 db can I reuse something from there?.
      What do i need to look for?
      Mbeans ?
      how do I set up this service to read from the dataq or setup a thread ? how would I started?,

      any ideas or pointers on where to look or what to read would be apreciated, thanks .

      - Pedro .