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    problem maintaining session

    mark watson Newbie

      hi. Sorry if this isn't posted in the right forum, but I'm new to JBoss so this seemed as good a place as any to start.

      I have two machines, each running JBoss4.2.2GA. I have the same web application deployed on both and both run fine when connecting to localhost. However, when trying to connect to them using their machine name one works fine, but the other loses its session after logging in. I can see on submitting from the login page that both set the jsessionid in the URL. However, a subsequent page submit shows differing behavior. On one machine (lets call it server1), triggering any kind of action on the next page and I see a different jsessionid being set in the URL and further actions result in a session timeout. On the other machine (server2), I never see another jsessionid (as I would expect) and the web app runs fine.

      I've copied the JBoss installation from one machine to the other to rule out any configuration issue and both servers are running winxp pro and there appears to be no difference in the network setup. It doesn't matter which machines I run the web browser from, the problem still persists with server1. Both servers are being started with the -b parameter, and have also tried real IPs/names with no difference.

      Any suggestions on where I should be looking would be appreciated.