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    WAR deployment problem

    shankha Bhattacharya Newbie

      I am new to JBOSS. I develop a simple web application and Try to deploy it in JBOSS.

      WAR file is deployed successfully in JBOSS.

      But when I try to access it from the I got following exception.

      18:17:01,296 INFO [STDOUT] 18:17:01,296 ERROR [[StartMiddleware]] Servlet.service() for servlet StartMiddleware threw exception
      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jboss/mx/util/MBeanServerLocator
      at com.cts.rfid.middleware.tools.JMXHelper.getMbeanServer(JMXHelper.java:46)
      at com.cts.rfid.middleware.core.MiddlewareBean.init(MiddlewareBean.java:179)

      In my war file in the WEB-INF/lib directory I put all the necessary jar files.
      but it is not picking up.

      Same type of exception I got for log4j also. But the jar also in WEB-INF/lib and all other custom jars.

      How can I use my application specific jars in my WAR application.