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    Where to put application- AND layer-specific jar-files withi

    Timo Roessner Newbie

      Hi folks,

      i am writing a simple jboss / ear application to get myself used to dealing with Jboss and EJB.

      I googled a lot, but i couldn't find an answer to the problem i have right now:

      My project has the common EAR-layout:

      - common
      - ejb
      - webapp
      - build.xml

      Now my EJB-layer uses one ActiveMQ jar file.

      Now i don't know where to put this jar within my EAR-file?

      First - in lack of better knowledge and for testing purposes - i put the jar-file just in the root of my EAR-file.

      This is simply ignored by Jboss:

      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/activemq/ActiveMQConnectionFactory

      But this class is deinitely in the ActiveMQ-jar which resides on the root-level of my EAR:

      jar tf activemq-core-5.0-SNAPSHOT.jar | grep -i ActiveMQConnectionFactory

      So, finally my question......:-)

      Where to put application- AND layer-specific jar-files within an EAR?

      More specific:

      Where to put the ActiveMQ jar-file within my EAR and how do i get Jboss to put it in the classpath?