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    How to run JUnit tests in (not embedded) JBoss?

    None Given Newbie

      Didn't know where to put this, so as I'm a newbie with JBoss, I'll start here. :)

      I'm trying to figure out how to run Junit tests against the "real" JBoss (4.0.5.GA), not the embedded one. We've been using the embedded JBoss for testing, but it seems that embedded JBosses behavior somewhat differs from the actual JBoss, so it seems a bit pointless to do testing in that environment.

      We started out by doing a simple test client that connects to a running JBoss server, except that our client can't use the local EJBs remotely. We wouldn't want to change the local EJBs to remote just for testing, so is there a workaround for this or should we try some other way?