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    Classloading with jboss_app.xml

    Himadri Das Newbie


      Am using Jboss5.0 Beta4 . I have two EJB's -e1 and e2 deployed and trying to lookup from one to another. e2 interafce is in \server\all\lib directory. and e1 is doing lookup to e2.

      Am also using jboss_app.xml so that jboss will first loads jars from my EAR e1 instead of server\all\lib. It does gets jars from my ear instead of server lib.


      Lookup is also sucessful. but I need to do another validation if e2 has implemented one of my interface com.my.job Interface. com.my.job is present in server\all\lib. Am using below logic to check this .

      should return true.

      Now this works fine on WAS6.1.It works fine with jboss5.0 also IF e2 interface (not its implementation class ) is part of e1 ear i.e bundled together

      But when I move this interface out of ear and put it in server\all\lib , lookup is sucessful but isAssugableFrom fails !

      This looks like wrong algorithm of isAssignableFrom.

      Hope this isnt confusing .. Can anyone help me with this.