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    Need help in deploying EJBs

    S P Newbie

      Well i have made a similar project but on the Unis server where everything was preconfigured.

      Now i have to install and use them on my own machine and make them work but it seems that for the past 2 - 3 days i am doing something wrong and i am wondering if someone can point me to a helpful site or perhaps some tips on what to do.

      So what i did up to now.

      I have Ubuntu installed
      Using Netbeans 6
      Installed JBoss
      Installed Tomcat
      Installed Postgresql
      This is what i will be working with.

      Now i want to create my Ejb/Hibernate entities in order when i deploy from netbeans to be deployed in my database. I cannot seem to get that to work.

      Can i please get some pointers on what i need to do in order to get this to work ?