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    Simple echo project fails


      I made a simple "echo" project based on the instructions from RichFaces Developer Guide. As a .war it worked perfectly, but as soon as I packaged it in an .ear, it stopped working. Whenever I type a character in the input field, I get this in the JBoss console:

      12:05:35,876 ERROR [STDERR] 28.10.2007 12:05:35 com.sun.facelets.impl.DefaultFacelet refresh
      INFO: Facelet[/echo.xhtml] was modified @ 12:05:35, flushing component applied @ 12:05:33

      I'm using JBoss 4.2.2GA and RichFaces 3.1.1 and the Facelets library from Seam 2.0.0CR2.
      The code for demo.Bean:
      package demo;
      public class Bean {
       private String text;
       public Bean() {
       public String getText() {
       return text;
       public void setText(String text) {
       this.text = text;

      The packaged .ear can be found here: http://paradoxx.dyndns.org/AjaxTestEAR.ear
      Someone PLEASE tell me what I am doing wrong!