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    TO Delete the entire records in a table

    Mallikarjun SG Newbie


      My scenario is delete to entire records from a table, which is the best way to code in CMP bean, I am using EJB2.0 version. I declared my own method removeAllRecords() in the home interface and given a query in the ejb-jar.xml, but on executing the same I am getting deployment error as below:

      Bean : RCVlanMacTableHome
      Method : public abstract void removeAll() throws EJBException, RemoveException
      Section: 12.2.11
      Warning: Each local home method must match a method defined in the entity bean class.

      code in ejb-jar.xml:

       <ejb-ql>Delete OBJECT(g) From rcVlanMacTable g</ejb-ql>

      Also I have written the same removeAllRecords() method in the bean class with no body in the method from seeing the above error, but when I ran again still getting the same above error.

      Which is the best way to code so to delete all the records of the table.

      Please respond asap.

      Thank you,