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    Jboss USer login session timeout

    Biju Oomman Newbie

      Hi All

      I am new jboss user. I downloaded 4.2.2 version of jboss and was trying to configure it. So we wrote an application and deployed it in the the Jboss.
      The application was deployed successfully and the database connectivity to mysql were also working fine.

      The actual problem is with one of the tester. He actually needs to get higher session timeout for the application. He wants to have 10 hours session timeout. I configured Http Seesion timeout to 600 minutes in the applications web.xml.

      The session remained the same. But the user was kicked out to the login page and he needs to login again with the username and password. But the http session was working perfectly.

      The tester told he dont want to login each time he is idle for more than 30 minutes.

      Is there any way to make the User Login session Timeout to 10 Hours?

      I know this is a weird request. Please do help me

      Thanks & Regards,