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    @schema validation

    a a Newbie

      it's been two days since i've tried to implement a validation of my webservice. When Jboss is receiving a SOAP message, there is no validation with my xsd. How can i do to implement that fonction?
      I've heard about an annotation @schemaValidation (from jax-wsri 2.1.3) but it seems to not work with JBoss.

      I am working with JBoss 4.2.2GA with JBossWs-native-2.0.2.GA on jdk 1.5 update 15. I also tried this implemtation on jdk 1.6 update 5 which is the jdk i would like to use but it 's the same problem.

      It might be a problem between the different versions of lib.
      thanks for your help