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    Locating a session object by JSESSIONID

    David M Newbie

      I need to integrate my JBoss app's authentication with a separate Ruby on Rails server. I've setup a servlet that takes a jsessionid as a query parameter, and returns a message saying if that jsessionid is authenticated (logged in). But I'm stumped as to how to find the HttpSession object for a particular jsessionid.

      It seems like it was very easy to do in previous versions of JBoss: in any servlet obtain the session context, the get the session according to jsessionid:

      HttpSession s = request.getSession().getSessionContext().getSession(JSESSIONID);

      However, this has been 'deprecated with no replacement.', and getSession always returns null.

      I've read people suggent implementing a SessionListener, then recording the information I need in some kind of global variable myself. However, since I'm working with a clustered JBoss, I'd then need to make a JBoss Cache instance to share it -- and then it seems like I'm just recreating what the JBoss session management does by itself! I know the information is there in JBoss -- I just need a way to get to it!

      Any help much appreciated.