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    why can't i plug it in?

    Hayden Young Newbie

      I just downloaded JBossTools 2.1.2.GA as the eclipse plug-in

      i copy the two folders into the eclipse install directory

      start up eclipse and nothing has happened

      i do what the instructions say on the JBossIDE Install pdf, and there are all sorts of checkboxes and trees and stuff that don't appear in eclipse that the pdf refers to

      i do what the JBossIDE Tutorial says to create a new project and nothing that shows up in those screen shots show up in eclipse

      what am i doing wrong?

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          Hayden Young Newbie

          to clarify the installation guide...

          Start Eclipse.
          • Select Help > Software Updates > Find and Install...
          • Select Search for new features to install, and press Next >
          • Select New Remote Site... from the right menu. In the dialog fill the name with JBoss Eclipse IDE and the
          URL with http://download.jboss.org/jbosside/updates/stable
          • Make sure JBoss Eclipse IDE has a check next to it, and press Finish.
          • Expand the JBoss Eclipse IDE tree, and check the release named JBossIDE 1.5. Click Next >, and Eclipse
          will ask you if you agree to the licensing terms of JBoss Eclipse IDE. If you agree, select I accept the terms
          in the license agreement, and press Next >

          That last step.... what JBoss Eclipse IDE tree?? there is none!

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            Peter Johnson Master

            It has been a while since I used JBoss Tools, but from what I recall, it was always very picky concerning the version of Eclipse. What version of Eclipse are you using?

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              Hayden Young Newbie

              using version 3.3.2

              the only reason why i considered JBoss was because i want the rete UL net developed by Doorenbo

              it's in SOAR, but SOAR sucks and can't do depth first limited search and has no forums or anyway to ask how

              and there are no sufficient instructions on how to use it in Java like their samples