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    confusion on jboss directory structure

    Michael Phoenix Newbie

      I'm trying to port an application that uses JBoss4.01 to my machine from my boss's machine using the the directories my boss gave me for the IntelliJ project and the Jboss installation that goes with it. While trying to run it I found a a JMS problem that looks like it is related to SQL. It is described here http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/IGetXAConnectionFactoryNotBoundHowDoIFixIt

      The problem is when I search for "jdbc-service-state". I find different files under 2 different directories.

      [jboss home]\server\default\deploy\jms - mysql
      [jboss home]\server\all\deploy-hasingleton\jms -hdbsql

      Which should I be concerned with? I know that mysql is the db we are using for our application.

      There is similar confusion when I look for the conf\log4j file as suggested in the JMS forum faq. There are three versions:

      [jboss home]\server\default
      [jboss home]\server\all
      [jboss home]\server\minimal

      My OS is Win XP

      Can somebody give me a clue as to which conf\log4j and jdbc-service-state file I should be looking at?

      Help would be greatly appreciated.