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    problem with mysql can't find jboss database

    Michael Phoenix Newbie

      I'm trying to port an application that uses JBoss4.01 to my machine from my boss's machine using the the directories my boss gave me for the IntelliJ project and the Jboss installation that goes with it. While trying to run it I found a a JMS problem that looks like it is related to SQL. It is described here http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/IGetXAConnectionFactoryNotBoundHowDoIFixIt

      What this wiki entry seems to be telling me is the JMS problem is a result of the SQLexception I am getting, is that correct?

      The SQL exception is:
      MESSAGE: Unknown database 'jboss'

      I've done a search of the site using "mysql jboss database" and the above SQL message and haven't been able to find anything helpful. Some direction would be appreciated, even if its just a link to helpful documentation.