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    Memory leak

    Leonardo Alves Machado Newbie

      Hi everyone

      I'm developing a web application using flash and I'm getting some sort of memory leak. Every time I load one of my pages, the JBoss process (named Java, in the windows task manager) grows 3MB and this memory is never released.

      I want to know what is the default behaviour of JBoss concerning memory handling. Is there some allocation limit - something like "if it gets up to ***MBs, runs a garbage collector"? And is there a way of configuring the memory handling - set a lower limit, or release the memory of a page at the same time the browser changes the displayed page?

      And also, I'm a JBoss newbie, and this memory leak may not be related to JBoss. If that is the case, is there somebody here that has faced the same problem? Have you solve it? How?

      Thanks in advance for your attention