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    JBoss classloading problem

    venu gopal Newbie


      We have developed one web application which has to be deployed seperately for seperate clients.

      say for example : customer X ,customer Y and customer Z are our clients.
      we need to deploy three different build for all these 3 customers. Source code and package structure will be the same, but some XML files and images will differ. We have to have 3 different builds, all running on the same jboss server, but with different Context names and URLs.

      The problem is here : when we deploy all these 3 war files, the class files which are repeated in all the 3 war files are loaded only once for all the 3 deployments. But our requirement is to load 3 different versions of class files , but with different state and data.

      How do we force JBoss to load these classes again and again. Say if there are 10 customer, we need 10 builds, and the same classes should be loaded 10 times.

      If we change the package names different in all the 3 war files, no issues. Working fine ..may be because all these classes have different absolute names, although the source is exactly the same .

      Thanks in advance,