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    urgent help

    samhar mahmoud Newbie

      hi guys

      i am trying to develope a web service using jbuilder and jboss4.0.5 server
      i create an ejb module and added session bean to it that have a business method as just a test method
      that have a string parameter and return a string
      i create a web service using the
      create web service from bean option
      and then i create a client for this web service using agian the option of create a web service client and then clen this client project
      after building the client project and run it , every thing went well
      it was executing and returning the desired result

      but when i tried to upload a file using this web service
      so i added a business method with fileName string and fileContent of byte[] types
      as before i createed a web service for this session bean and it is created without a problem
      but when i tried to create a client for this last one
      it created but withoujt generating any test pages and i dont know why but it seems that is because the byte[] parameter because everything else is working
      so if anybody can help me with this problem i will be very thanksful

      thanks anyway

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Let me see if I understand this. You are using JBuilder to generate the client for a web service, but in one case, it does not generate what you expect. Since JBuilder is the one doing the generating, why are you not asking about this on a JBuilder forum?

          P.S. Please use a more descriptive header in the future. The header should reflect the problem or situation identified by the post, such as "JBuilder web service client using byte[]"