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    Rmi Class Downloading problem for class generated at runtime

    Emil Salageanu Newbie

      Hello, its been several days since I have this problem with jboss.
      My Configuration: jboss AS 4.2.3 GA, on a fedora machine (tried with jdk1.5 and jdk 1.6)

      This is the problem:

      My application generates a class using javassist; this class is downloaded through RMI ClassLoading (when my application makes a remote call putting an object of this class in argument). In j2se I use my own class file server by setting the appropriate codebase and everything works fine.
      When my application is deployed in JBoss (the application-side that generates the clss) my remote application cannot load this class anymore.
      I note that, in the jboss version of my application, there are two ClassServers (one started by JBoss and one started by my application) and the codebase has two entries (one for jboss and one for my application). I also note that I can download my class with a firefox browser on the ClassServer started by my application.

      Everything looks like JBoss uses its own codebase property when marshaling objects.

      Thank you,