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    @EndpointConfig Trouble

    Clément Monnier Newbie


      I use a webservice as an EJB. On the server side, we have an EJB define like that :

      @javax.jws.WebService(endpointInterface="ihe.iti.xds_b._2007.DocumentRegistryPortType", serviceName = "DocumentRegistryService", targetNamespace = "urn:ihe:iti:xds-b:2007")
      @EndpointConfig(configName = "Standard WSSecurity Endpoint")
      public class Registry implements DocumentRegistryPortType {

      The interface DocumentRegistryPortType is on an other .jar. This is a problem because this EndPoint doesn't works. We have nothing (no message logged) for the server on the server.log

      On the client side, we have defined :
      @WebServiceClient(name = "DocumentRegistryService", targetNamespace = "urn:ihe:iti:xds-b:2007", wsdlLocation = "")
      public class DocumentRegistryService
      extends Service{

      We have no problem to contact the service as an EJB or a WS but we can't log message with "record management" and more precisely the LogRecorder, we have only the Endpoint define on the client side. I suspect the EndpointConfig trouble on the server side was due to the interface was in a distinct jar. It's a problem because I'm not able to activate WS-security and I wanna Know why. Anyone can help me please?