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    Access remote interface in EAR

    Klaus Winter Newbie


      I have an EAR file containing an EJB with some business logic and a WAR exposing some functionality as web services. So the structure is as follows:
      - EAR
      -- WAR
      -- EJB

      The EJB within the EAR contains a remote interface I also want to use outside of it. Meaning other EJBs should use and implement the exact same interface. The EJB within the EAR will use JNDI to find the other beans and use the remote interface to do its stuff.

      Now comes the fun part. If the outside EJBs are deployed into a running JBOSS (4.2.1) with the EAR in already deployed things work fine. If the JBOSS is started with them i get a "ClassDefNotFound" runtime exception (the remote interface cannot be found). So, I figure there is a dependency issue here - the new ones are being deployed before the EAR is deployed. I played around configuring it with annotations but couldn't get it done right. How do set a dependency to an remote interface?