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    jboss web-console need client autentification

    dariush Najjaryade Newbie

      hi folks i hope i can find here some answers

      i want to try ejbca as a ca.
      i installed ejbca from the http://han.pp.se/gl/ repository and it was fine.
      I have ssl access 2 my ejbca installation on https://myserver:8443/ejbca.
      Then i tried to config a new Custom Publisher "OCSP typ" but get the error message:

      Connection in init failed:javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: OcspDS not bound

      Then i thought try to create a new oscp binding in jboss is this correct?

      But now my problem when i click on JBoss Web Console link it appears an certificate window for the client authentication but i have no certificate for jboss and my superadmin certificate from ejbca is not listed.

      All the other links in the jboss site like tomcat status and JMX console works fine.

      So please if anyone have a hint where i can find or create the jboss cert. or temporery disable the authentication would be great.

      Thanks for your time dariush