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    Custom Classloader from Database

    Christian Jacob Newbie

      Hi there,

      I'm relative new to JBoss and have a question: The purpose of my application is to run some Java classes that have been built by a 3rd party tool. My EJB offers a service that the byte code can be uploaded to the server and another service to execute the byte code later. I found a solution that solves the problem: I just generate a jar file, into which i write the bytes, and save this jar file in the deploy directory. It's working fine, but since I also have to write some informations into a database, this solution is only 2nd best. It would be much better if i could write the bytecode as a blob into the database and load it for execution from the database. It's no problem for me to write the bytecode, but I don't know how to add this database column to the classpath or how to implement an own classloader and add it to JBoss classloader chain. Has anyone an idea if this can be achieved? And if it could, how? Many Thanks!