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    Session Bean, Entity Bean, an HTML page as input and a Servl

    Jose Alvarez de Lara Novice

      Hi all,

      I have an application that includes a Session Bean, an Entity Bean, an HTML page as input and a Servlet as output.

      The application tries to count the number of visiting to the server. The Session Bean counts how many people load the HTML page and the Entity Bean receives the number of visiting for those in a Data Base.

      It is very simple. My problem is the descriptors. I want to build an ear with the application. With the EJBs no problem, I have experience. But I can not build the war file.

      I guess I have to include the HTML page and the Servlet into the war file but I have no idea how I must to build the web.xml file.

      I will appreciate any help.

      Thanking in advance,