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    Tomcat welcome page

    Dayle James Newbie

      Hey all

      I am pretty unfamiliar with jboss (although I'm getting there), but have a very annoying problem, which is holding me up on signing off on jboss in my test environment.

      My manager wants to see a welcome page when I start up the jboss service, and for reasons I can't explain it's missing. Here is the process I have followed :

      - Deploy jboss 4.2.2 with the minimal server in place - starts successfully (no errors in startup output).
      - Copy the tomcat folder (jboss-web.deployer) into server/server_name/deploy)
      - Make a couple of changes to the jboss-service.xml to facilitate the manual copying of tomcat... Can provide if necessary.
      - Started up jboss.

      Now to my mind, at this point, I should see the jboss startup screen when I navigate to http://:8080/ but I don't.

      What I DO get is a blank web page with a done message in the browser. This tells me that the browser recognises that there is something on port 8080, but it has nothing to display.

      Honestly, I've been trying to get this to work for a while now and I think it's driving me slightly strange.

      Any help on how to proceed appreciated.