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    JBOSS AS performance and Infrastructre considerations

    prasad y Newbie


      Can Any one advise me , from where can i know/get that the system/hardware fonfigurations required to run the enterprise application on JBoss AS 4.2.3 GA version. ?

      Could you please provide any resources links or doc links or PDF links ?

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          mark spencer Newbie

          well there's not a standard hardward configuration for all enterprise application. It depends on the application. I would say I usually plan at least 2 Gig RAM for each JBoss instance but as I said it depens on the application.

          Also it depends on the machine you're using if you have a 32-bit machine then you won't be able to address > then 2 Giga per process at least on Windows (on recent Linux Kernel I've read you can do a little more). If you have a process/service which graps most of the memory consider setting up a cluster so that you split the load on + nodes.

          If you need tuning here's some useful information
          In short tune your Garbage collector + get rid of useless services


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            prasad y Newbie


            Thanks for the info..

            Is there any kind of matrix kind of table for JBOSS Hardware configuration like If want to install and run let us say xMB or YGB application what are the resources required for JBOSS..

            are there any documents in practical scenarios the JBOSS speed and perfoemance .

            Are there any documents or case studies .

            I would like to know are there any documents or info or links available for the comparison of JBOSS with other Apps like Weblogic, Webspere , Oracle etc.

            Thanks and Regards