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    First JBoss Application Server

    Daniel Sutton Newbie

      I have not used java since leaving university and at the time I was happy to never touch it again but I think it's now time to start again with J2EE. I was going to install JBoss in a virtual pc but decided to put togethor a sepearate machine instead. The spec is not huge, a duron 1.2ghz, 1gig of ram and around 20gig hard drive. My question to the forum though is what os/version of os would be best to run on. I would prefer a linux version to run on. I know from using linux that ubuntu seems the easist to install java on but not sure after that. Any advise welcome, don't want to be buying an os though as this is only for learning.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Ubuntu is a good choice (I use it, actually Kubuntu, at home). Any of the current, popular distros would work (such as Fedora, which I use at work).

          You should install the Sun JDK also - I recommend getting it from the Sun web site and not relying on the packages provided by the distro. For Unbuntu you want the "*.bin" file, for Fedora or SUSE the *.rpm file.