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    App priority

    André castanheira Newbie


      We´ve run a jboss instance that servers 4 apps. Is there a way to set different priorities for each of them?


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          jaikiran pai Master


          "acastanheira2001" wrote:
          Is there a way to set different priorities for each of them?

          Can you please elaborate on what you mean by "priorities for each application"? Are you looking for order of deployment of each of these applications or something else? Also please provide some more details about how your applications are packaged and what version of JBoss you use.

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            erasmo2 marciano2 Master

            Do you want to specify the order to deploy?

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              André castanheira Newbie

              Thanks in advance to all the responders.

              I have four apps that runs on the same jboss instance. I would like to know if there´s a way to set priorities, or resources, for each of them.

              For example: One of the apps is a auction system, and it has a SLA with the customer. During the period of auctioning, the others apps should not interfere in the response time of the auction system.
              In this cenario I would like to set greater priority to the auction system.

              Like in operating system realm, that you can change the priority of the processes.

              I expect to have been more clear.

              My question is not class loading related.