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    Can I edit run.bat to run "all" configuration

      Can I make changes to the run.bat file so that it runs the "all" configuration instead of the "default" one.
      Presently I am using service.bat which does call run.bat using the commandline arguments on run.bat as run.bat -c all.

      The reason I am asking is that I have downloaded Java service wrapper from Tanuki to run Jboss as windows service.
      I have made the changes to wrapper.conf, but the Jboss server server starts with "default" configuration. I want to start it as "all" configuration.

      Any help is greatly appreciated?

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          For Tanuki, you probably already have a line in the configuration file that looks like this:


          All you need to do is add these lines to the configuration file:


          Note that each application parameter must appear on its own line.

          Setting it up this way is preferable to editing run.bat (which Tanuki never calls anyway).

          The Tanuki documentation provides more details on the configuration file options.

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            Oops, copy-and-paste error - the new options should read: