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    problem with service MSSQLDS not installed

    Michael Phoenix Newbie

      When I try to deploy an application that I had running on 4.0.1 to 4.2.3 it fails to deploy. This appears to be the root cause:
      ObjectName: jboss.jca:service=DataSourceBinding,name=MSSQLDS
      Depends On Me:

      What doesn't make sense to me is the fact that this seems to point to a binding name that should be used for MS SQL Server and we are not using that in our environment. I am using MySQL under the default-ds JNDI name and have removed hsql-ds.xml.

      I sure would appreciate any help on this matter. My attempts at searching the site have been fruitless. I would also be grateful for any suggestions on how to debug the many arcane messages that JBoss spits out without having to constantly post questions on this forum.


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          Peter Johnson Master

          What you posted is an excerpt from the report that the deployer logs after depliyment is done. This rpeort rarely offers any clues as to what went wrong. You need to search the console log for the first exception stack trace that shows up after that the app server and post that stack trace.

          If the console log scrolled off of the console buffer, you will either have to increase the console buffer size (I have mine set to 9000 lines) and try again, or look the exception up in the server.log files (usually difficult because various stack traces show up as debug log entries and those are not important), or start JBossAS up without having your app deployed then wait until you see the "Started in xxx seconds" log entry and then deploy your app - you can then post everything after the "Started in" entry.