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    About jmx-console

    Sachin Parnami Newbie

      Hi All,

      When ever we deploy our application on JBoss AS, in jmx-console it gets listed in different categories, right?
      Is it possible to run(means to view the first page of our application) our application by invoking any bean there, like we do for hsqldb (i.e. startDataBaseServer).
      why i am asking this kind of question because when you deploy your application you can type the url mapping name in address bar, which is listed in application.xml, is there any other alternative to it?

      Sachin Parnami

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          Peter Johnson Master

          No, there is no MBean listed within JMX Console whereby you can bring up the home page of your application.

          The Hypersonic Console is a Java Swing application that is run on the separate thread of the application server, and appears only on the local host. That console can also be run stand-alone. The MBean that brings up that console was specifically written to provide this functionality.

          The web applications that you deploy to the app server, on the other hand, are not stand-alone - they must run within the context of the app server.

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            Sachin Parnami Newbie

            Hi Peter,

            Thanks for your reply it clears my doubt ;)

            Sachin Parnami