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    Please answer

    Samuel Santos Newbie

      I've never been to a forum where so many questions are left without an answer.
      It's really sad to see...

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          Peter Johnson Master

          People answer posts when they are reasonably confident that they can provide some help. Several things will cause questions to remain unanswered:

          1) Asking how to do something that is not possible.

          2) Using a combination of outside components. For example, "I am using X and Y and Z, but when I deploy my app I get this error"

          3) Writing a unclear question - it is hard to answer questions which one cannot understand.

          4) Asking how to do something that few have done. Example: "How can I replace the Tomcat in 4.0.3 with JBoss Web Server?"

          5) Dumping source code, xml and log output without bothering to use the 'code' tag to format the post properly. If you want your question answered you need to make it as easy as possible for others to understand the issue with a minimum of effort. After all, we are all busy people who have jobs to do.

          I was going to point to specific questions that showed up in the last day or two that has these problems, but decided not to to avoid embarrassing the posters.

          But one final word - this is a user's forum. I am a JBossAS user, not a Red Hot employee. I answer questions because I find that I learn a lot more by answering questions than by asking. In short, you get out of it what you put into it.