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    Do I need to woory about classloaders?

    John Harrison Newbie

      I'm read documentation about class loading in JBoss but understood almost none of it. So I'm hoping I can describe my situation and get an answer as to whether class loading is an issue for me.

      I have a web service which wraps an EJB. Both are deployed inside a single ear file. Also inside the ear file are a couple of jar files which are common to both the web service and the EJB. Some of the classes in the common jars are present in the EJB interface, as are some standard Java classes.

      What I want to avoid is call-by-value when the web service calls the EJB. I wouldn't have thought this was an issue at all but this web page suggests it is and offers a solution involving manifest files.


      I'm not sure if I believe this.

      So how can I avoid call-by-value when my web service calls by EJB? How can I even tell if it is happening?