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    Scripts in cache and new window with target

    Marine Wacheux Newbie


      I am using RichFaces 3.1.2 in a JSF webapp, but I have bad response time, partially due to the 489KBytes scripts downloaded, I think.

      So, I changed 2 parameters in web.xml :

       <display-name>RichFaces Filter</display-name>

      Cache of RichFaces scripts seems to work sometime. But when I open a page in a new Firefox tab, using the "target" property on a web link, the new opened tab download all scripts from scratch. It doesn't take care of scripts that have already been downloaded and stored in cache.
      As I will use a lot of tabs, with new window name, this is very annoying for me.

      Does anybody have an idea whether it is the correct behavior, and how I could change this ?

      Thanks in advance.