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    Server independent ear

    Lazarus Lazaridis Newbie

      Hi all.
      I want to create a new application using ejb 3.0 and jsf but i want it to be server independent.

      While developing I will use the JBoss 4.2 AS but I want to use none of it's libraries. How am i supposed to achieve this and what are the ejb libraries that i will have to download?

      I tried to find documentation on this but with no luck.


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          Wolfgang Knauf Master


          well, as long as you avoid server specific classes/annotations in your code, your EAR should be server independent, no matter what server you use for developing.
          I use Eclipse/WebTools, and by using a JBoss runtime, all required JARs are automatically added to the build classpath. But by exporting the project as EAR, it becomes server independent again.

          So, the easiest way would be to use a valid server for development.

          Hope this helps