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    Verifying JBOSS Startup and Shutdown via STD Out

    Matt Zambodamafoo Newbie

      I am writing some JAVA code that will SSH into a linux server and run the start and stop scripts for JBOSS.

      My knowledge of JBOSS is basically 0. What I basically would like to know is what std out trace I can look for in my SSH Session to verify the JBOSS startup script (to my knowledge this is run.sh) has ran successfully (or failed) and started JBOSS?

      Once this is complete I would like to do a ps (or whatever else I can do) to verify the JBOSS server is actually running. (Remembering all I have to work with is the STD Out trace)

      I would like to do the same for a the shutdown script (shutdown.sh -S)?

      Can someone please help me out and let me know what is the proper std out trace I should be looking for to do a proper verification that JBOSS server is running through STD OUT.