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    How to check the connection status between JBoss and DataBas

    youareapkman youareapkman Newbie

      Dear Brothers /Sisters,

      The Jboss server has some data source setup to connect to the database ? How can monitor the connection status between the JBoss and the database ?I want to know if the connection status between JBoss and the database is broken or not

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          Peter Johnson Master

          In JBossAS, you use a *-ds.xml file to set up a data source, which is then used to maintain database connections. See the docs for more details.

          You can use the JMX Console to monitor a connection. In a browser enter http://localhost:8080/jmx-console. You will be shown a long list on mbeans. Scroll down to a bean named jboss.jca:name=DSNAME,service=ManagedConnectionPool, where DSNAME is the name of your data source (this name comes from the *-ds.xml file). Click on that link and you will be shown the current connection statistics.

          Finally, if there is an issue with a connection, an exception stack trace usually shows up in the logs.