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    "Address already in use" client side

    cat Newbie

      We are using webstart for deploying an application that is constantly maintained and neeed frequently updates.
      We are now moving clients from jre 1.5.12 to jre 1.6.10 but we are focusing a strange problem when an updated version is released.
      When a user wants to get last version, he simply closes and reopens the application, leaving to webstart to re-download the all stuff.

      But once the application is closed, for some time (more or les 5 minutes) webstart cannot access the server by giving the following error:
      net.BindException: Address already in use: connect

      After that time if user try again it works fine.
      The all stuff worked fine with jdk1.5.

      I suspect this comes from some incompatibility with jboss 4.2.2 client libs that for some reason maintain a connection to the server when application closes.... The problem raises in windows xp clients.

      Any ideas?
      Many thanks