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    Setting up JBOSS 5 Server on my local computer

    Maziar Aflatoun Newbie

      Hi all,

      I've just started playing around with Java (day 2) since our company (bought out) is moving away from asp.net. I've installed Eclipse and JBOSS. Following the instructions on a few 'hello world' apps works fine however, every time you make a change you have to jar.exe -cvf helloworld.war. *.jsp...etc. I'm pretty sure on a local server that's a lot of work every time you modify your .jsp (presentation layer) since when I'm doing ASP.NET or PHP I make 100+ changes to my presentation layer and all I press is refresh button in the browser and see my changes. How can I do same thing using JBOSS. How can I create a folder and copy all the necessary files (compile java classes) but keeping my .jsp pages separate so that I can (on the development server) test my .jsp pages before packaging them all together. I'm sure it's possible because on the jboss server I can go to some of the administration pages
      eg. http://localhost:8080/web-console/ServerInfo.jsp and modify the ServerInfo.jsp page directly and press refresh to see my changes. Also, can someone please explain the steps to set up Eclipse with JBOSS 5? so that when I run my code in Eclipse I can view it my browser? similar to ASP.NET.

      Thank you and I really appreciate your help since I've never been any more confused.