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    jboss not starting, Slackware unRAID

    Kamil Czauz Newbie

      Hey guys,
      Im having trouble getting jboss started. I am using a stripped down version of slackware called unRAID, you can check it out at http://lime-technology.com/ .

      I really don't understand the error messages the that I am getting and I was hoping i can get some help here.

      You can check out my log files at:

      Please tell i am missing some dependent libraries or something easy like that.

      I had apache-tomcat downloaded from a slackware reposotory and that was working fine, but now i need JBOSS so i removed the apache-tomcat and hoped jboss would do it's thing, but no luck.

      Thanks for your help

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Looks like you are using 4.2.3 with JDK 6. There are two binary downloads for 4.2.3, one for JDK 5 the other for JDK 6. Did you download the correct one?

          Oh wait, you downloaded neither but got it from another site - is that what you meant by your slackware comment?. If so, most likely they are packaging only the JDK 5 version. Therefore, try using JDK 5.