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    design simple jboss application

    Istvan Nagy Newbie


      I ve got a task, which connected to JBOSS, but i haven't make any J2ee application yet.
      So the skeleton of the problem i've got an database, and i will got a text
      (i have to generate from this text an sql query this text will go to the where clause)
      so i will got some row from the database.
      i' ve got an java function which ordering this resultset or rows, so every row will get a rank, after that i will have to write this to the web site, or to the file.
      So the sketch

      SQL-QUEURY -> result set -> java function -> result set -> print

      so i don't know about to much jsp, servlet, etc

      So my questions:
      how should i realize the userinterface? it should be jsp page or other?

      but the most important question is what should i do with the java function. this should be a session bean?
      so i would like to this function run on the jboss, but i don't know the concept
      so i really sorry for this simple questions, and thank you for your answers..